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Financing For All Your Business Needs

I work with financing companies that offer over 20+ services to help you launch, support, and scale your business.


Whether you need business loans, equipment financing, or renovation and consumer financing for your customers, I have access to a wide range of funding solutions for business owners and service dealers across Ontario.


Secured and Unsecured Business Loans


Were you denied financing by the bank due to your credit rating, a lack of collateral, or because your business hasn't been established long enough? You don't have to turn to a cash advance company with high interest rates – there’s a better solution for you.

Use borrowed money to make money with our open loans

that include low interest rates and monthly payments.

Not front loaded - only pay the interest on how long you hold the loan for

Long Terms - 3 months to 5 years secured;

3 months to 15 months unsecured

Low interest rates and low monthly payments

Quick funding within 72 hours

Available for those who’ve been in business for less than 2 years 

Prime and subprime options for those with good or bad credit

Instant Decision Renovation Financing


If you work in the home improvement space, you can offer Instant Decision Renovation Financing to your clients with good or bad credit ratings. Help them get access to funds of up to $100,000 to renovate or improve their property.

Subprime credited accepted. No more deferrals!

Prime up to $100,000;

Subprime up to $30,000

No money required upfront

Long amortization periods up to 180 months

No interest and no payment deferral MDR options

Onboarding, telephone verification, and invoicing is taken care of for you


Equipment Financing


Equipment can be expensive, which can impact your cash flow and your ability to grow your business. If you need to purchase new equipment without using up all your cash or line of credit, our lenders can buy your equipment and lease it back to you.

Fast approval and funding times

No money down

Flexible terms – 12 to 72 months

Lease payments are 100% tax deductible

Non-reporting – it won't affect your ability to borrow in the future

Prime and subprime options for those with good and bad credit


Lease back all of your existing equipment to increase your liquidity.

Yellow Couch

Consumer Financing

Did you know that your business can offer a Buy now, Pay later, 0% Interest program, to your customers?


Whether you run a furniture store, funeral home, medispa, alarm company, jewelry or electronic business, if you sell products to customers, you can offer Instant Point of Sale (POS) financing.

Image by Camille Brodard ~ Kmile Feminin

One-time set up fee

You decide on the payment solution

No paperwork

Available for those operating less than 2 years

Instant adjudication

Prime and subprime options available 


Invoice Factoring


Waiting for clients and vendors to pay for your services can impede your cash flow. Get paid instantly with invoice factoring for your B2B invoices between $15,000 and $2M. 

No contract duration

Fast funding in 24 hours

    Up to a 95% factor rate

Up to 50% injection of capital for purchase order funding

Secured and Unsecured Personal Loans

Looking for a personal loan but the banks won’t help because you have less than perfect credit? Or are you too close to being tapped out? Get a secured loan of up to $75,000 by using your property as collateral (up to 85% LTV).  Unsecured loans are also available up to $50,000 with rates as low as 4.6%.

Mom and a Child

No legal fees, no appraisal costs

Fast approvals in one day, funding in two

Money provided upfront

12-month deferral option available

Option to wrap the loan into your mortgage when it comes up for renewal

Prime and subprime options available for those with good or bad credit

Automotive & Powersport Financing

If you’re not offering financing to buyers, then you’re only dealing with those who are holding cash. Whether you own a dealership or are simply trying to offload a transport truck from your fleet, presenting financing options to both your prime and subprime customers can help you sell faster and at full ask.


The seller is not charged a fee – 100% free

Ability to get your vehicle sold at full ask

The buyer can access multiple banks and the lowest cost of borrowing

GAP protection and extended warranties available for cars and trucks

The vehicle is not sold on consignment


Construction Financing


I work with the key players in the construction financing industry. My lender partners and I will find the right construction financing program that meets your specific residential or commercial project requirements.


Then once construction is complete, we can provide you with other options that are best suited to your long-term needs - refinancing the loan into a mortgage or obtaining a new loan to pay off the original construction loan.

Contact me today to learn more about your financing options.