The Best Mortgage Rates

For Self-Employed


Whether you're a contractor with a cash component to your income, a freelancer paid on a project basis, an incorporated individual with hourly contracts, or a professional working on 100% commission - I have a solution for you. 

Got Rejected By Your Bank?

There are still lots of other lenders out there. I have access to all of Canada's top lenders who have special programs designed for self-employed workers just like you!

Matching You With The Right Lender


Every self-employed earner has unique needs and challenges to qualify. I can match you with a lender even if you are:

  • Deducting a lot of expenses to lower your income and pay less tax 

  • Drawing dividends

  • Unable to prove traditional income 

  • Just starting out and don't have 2-years of self-employed income

  • Making solid, provable income but have less than perfect credit

  • A digital nomad who has recently returned home 

There are more solutions for the self-employed than ever before including down payment options as low as 5% for proven income and 10% for stated income. 

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Working From Home

Get A Mortgage In Your PJ's!


When you're busy running your own show, you rarely have enough time for yourself, nevermind for your finances. Our 100% digital brokerage makes it convenient and easier than ever to get a mortgage completely online, anytime, anywhere!

Fast Pre-Approval 

Our online application asks only the important questions and takes less than 10 minutes to complete

Smart Apps

Upload your documents in seconds from your phone or laptop and chat with me via our online app.

Convenient Process

Clear instructions and updates  at every stage makes the process a whole lot easier for you and everyone involved.