It's more than just my experience!


It's how I got here, WHY I do it, and how I show up for you!

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How I got here


A few years ago, my partner and I decided to pick up and move from Toronto to Mexico to fulfill a BIG dream on our bucket list – to live in a tropical country.


I left my job in commercial real estate, we started a content writing business, and began living the dream as digital nomads.


But while everyone at home thought we were spending our days sipping margaritas on the beach, that was far from our truth. Instead, we were weighed down by the insane amount of work we were juggling, along with the hurdles of settling into a new place. 


We enjoyed our time, met wonderful friends, but things just never clicked and we were ready to move back.


A lot can change in three years time. And when we came home to start our new chapter, we were greeted by an insanely overheated housing market that quickly sidelined our next dream – owning property.


Two self-employed digital nomads weren’t exactly what the banks were looking for. I also realized that it wasn’t just us, but SO many others who were also struggling to qualify for a home thanks to the new rules.


Instead of just accepting our fate I decided to do something about it. With my real estate background and desire to help, I started to pursue my mortgage license. 

Why I Do It

I'm finally getting a chance to help other self-employed earners and first-time homebuyers overcome their hurdles, realize their dream of homeownership and find long term solutions to their needs.

I'm also proud to be helping homeowners find better rates and more flexible options to lower their costs and build lasting wealth.

If you or anyone you know needs help navigating through these crazy, uncertain times when buying, refinancing, getting funds or figuring out where to even start –please don't hesitate to get in touch - I'm always happy to help, no strings attached!



How I Work For You

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Expert Knowledge

Nearly a decade of real estate industry experience, plus an additional 18 years in customer service and accounting, ensures I can provide you with a higher level of service and more value than the standard broker.

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Trustworthy and Direct

I will always put your needs first, and provide honest, transparent service that delivers the best possible experience for you.

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Sold Relationships

I have great relationships with Canada's top lenders including major banks, mortgage finance companies and alternative lenders to provide you with lower rates and better opportunities.  

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Friendly, Customer Focused

I'm here to help you, not judge you. I will treat you with the utmost respect, while listening to you carefully so I that I can find you a solution suited to your individual needs today, tomorrow and years down the road . 

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100% Digital

I use the smartest AI-driven technology in the mortgage industry today that can speed up funding times and make the entire mortgage process more simplified and convenient for you.

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Highly Motivated

I work around the clock so when you need me I'm available to you. I also will work diligently to find you the perfect match for your homeownership and financial goals.